Freediving and photography are 2 subjects that go well together. Combining the freedom of being in the ocean and capturing the moment and the beauty is something that becomes more and more popular. I will explain you the different ways to use photography and freediving below. But first let me add something.

The underwater world is full of wonders. While freediving, we have the abilities to get close to marine life, corals, wreck, canyon and so on. Because we are freediving we can stay a lot of time in the water (unlike scuba that have a very limited time) and dive many times in a day. That gives us the chance to take a lot of photos every sessions.

What do you need to start ?

Ideally you would need to :

Be a certified freediver (Aida 2 or equivalent)

Own a underwater camera

Own a laptop with an editing software ​

But don't worry, you don't know how to freedive yet ? Diana and I will teach you.

You don't have an underwater camera ?  You can use mine.

You don't' have a laptop ?  We'll share mine as well.

Course description : ​

Photography theory Underwater photography editing skills

Underwater photography settings

Camera maintenance

Freediving theory for photographer

Photography sessions in various places

Post-processing feedback

Quality photos for all of us

In a few words, we will start with some theory of underwater photography. We will dive various time and shoot photos on different theme such as marine life, sun light, split-shot, with freediving models and so on. The goal of these sessions is to learn technique of photography and improving our skills.

You'll have the possibility to try to notch equipment from Hugyfot, world leader in underwater housing.

Each underwater session will be followed by an editing session where we will review your best shots together and see how to edit them efficiently. ​

Contact us for more information and prices

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